January 13 – 14, Tanzania, Southern Africa

   Kilimanjaro, Tanzania airport is a  mere 7 hrs and 15 minutes from Jaipur, put us two hours earlier than elapsed time, local. From there we board a smaller airplane (12 occupants) to Seronera Airstrip in the Serengeti National Park, flying  1 hour and 15 minutes over a good stretch of the plan. Then there is the one hour jeep ride and game drive on the way to the Sopa Serengeti Lodge.

This trip is not for sissies.

We were delighted to meet Louise Leaky, granddaughter of the discoverer of several early hominid skulls. She presented her work to our group; fascinating.

I present a few of the pictures I took without insulting your intelligence by identifying them.

From the Sopa Serengeti Lodge we reverse the jeep ride, the small plane ride to return to the Kilimanjaro airport and our blue Explorer, home away from home.


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