January 2-3, Easter Island, Peru to Apia Samoa

       Today we cross the international date line. Our flight experienced tail winds shortening the flight time to 7hrs and 50mins. We arrived late in the day to a reception at the Aggie Gray’s Lagoon, Beach Resort and Spa.


Weather is between 76 and 86 degrees, HUMID, with a sea breeze that doesn’t completely give comfort during the day.




Greeting us at our arrival was a band, a Samoan dancer, and a buffet supper. This gentleman demonstrates the traditional Samoan pe’a (body tattooing) which once was a prerequisite for a man to receive the title of matai (chief). Today is a means for young Samoan men to honor their heritage and show respect for their culture.









Welcoming band with Amy on the watch for musical details.








Here is a beach a few yards from our room, but there was little to no time to use it.







On our departure, less than 18 hours after our arrival, we were entertained by a FiaFia, a celebration with dance and song. And was it lively!





This is a little blurry – sorry. The action was terrific. All the dancers and players were staff members of the hotel. This lady was from the laundry staff.











And this lady was the Spa director. Oh what the Spa can do.

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