January 17, Cairo, Egypt to Marrakech, Morocco

  Today we really achieve “Jet Set” status. We had breakfast in Luxor, lunch in Giza, and supper in Marrakech.






  This shot is from the bus showing the proximity of the town of Giza to the pyramids.







  In order to prevent the weight of the inward leaning walls to collapse the interior rooms, each room was constructed with a pyramidal ceiling to distribute the weight. This is shown here and demonstrates how thin the exterior wall was surrounding interior rooms.









  Camels for hire were plentiful. Other vendors are seen in the background.







This explorer was kind enough to stand by the block forming the base of the pyramid to demonstrate size.









  There are many more than the pictured four pyramids, smaller ones built for family members.







  The Sphinx is another of the UNESCO Heritage sites.  This form has represented the essence of Egypt for years.  We had a buffet luncheon overlooking this site.







  Can you guess which is the Sphinx

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