January 8, Chengdu, China

  It was short hop of 2 hrs and 50 minutes from Siem Reap to Chengdu China, but we arrived 4 hrs later local time. Our time in Chengdu was only to stay overnight with supper and breakfast the next day before departing for Lhasa, Tibet by a local commercial flight during which many of the non group passengers were not careful about covering a cough. Almost all of us on the trip caught colds on that flight.


I’ll show you some pics from the hotel. I tried to upload pics to this blog unsuccessfully due, I think, to Chinese censorship.


  The skyline of the street below indicates a prosperous city. In fact Chengdu is one of the gateways to Tibet by air.










  I know hotel rooms aren’t especially noteworthy, but note how modern this one is.







Note, too, the modern shower arrangement – not even a close second to the one in Egypt.










So here is where we get our 5 to 6 hours of sleep before tomorrow’s trip to Lhasa.

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