January 19, Morrocco to Orlando, FL

  Today we leave Marrakech for Orlando, stopping off at Terceira, Azors, a three hour flight, for Customs and Immigration check. Since our flight is a charter and lands in Sanford Airport where there is an abbreviated US Customs presence, all of our stuff – the crew’s too – must be taken through security before re-boarding for the 4 hour and 20 minute flight to Orlando. Then we had an hour drive by bus to the MCO-Orlando hotel/airport where a sumptuous meal was catered for our group. We said our Good Byes and, carrying email addresses and many good hours of over-the-top memories, we departed for the final leg to Philadelphia – 2.5 hours – and the ride home – 1.5 hours.

Over all, we spent 71 hrs, 15 minutes on the plane, traveled in all four hemispheres and time zones, for a distance of 29,984 statute miles, consuming 80,575 gallons of jet fuel.

We made some good friends, met some very accomplished people, and had the trip of a lifetime.

I hope you enjoyed the blog.  JPB

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